Monday, June 20, 2011

Let's get to know our Members - Weekly (Cecelia Kane)

Cecelia Kane conducts her Life with Art. 1and2and3. 4and5and6. This leads to a magical life. Clothes becomes protection or enablers as with her “Abuse Cape” or “Bravery Jacket.” Obsession becomes a work of art on Facebook. In this project she recorded how she feels on Facebook, describes how she feels in words and later she transferred these images to embroidered handkerchiefs. This takes the idea of smiley faces or mood faces to a higher level. Gives the emoticon a personal touch.

She has also become known for “The Hand to Hand Project.” This project started out where Cecelia Kane painted a News Headline or news story on stuffed gloves. Later on she included other artists and it became a national project reaching out far. She is currently on “the Hand to Hand Roadtrip Across America” returning each artist’s glove or hand-art to them. She received Elizabeth Firestone Graham and Women’s Caucus for Art of Georgia Grants in 2009 to publish a catalog of the Hand to Hand Iraq War Artist Project.

To see more of her work or for contact details please visit her website.
edited by Corlia

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  1. Thanks for this roundup of my recent work. I'm currently on a solo (with dog Etta) roadtrip across America returning the national artists' hands from the Hand to Hand Project. I'm in Portland now. Follow my journey and daily posts at