Monday, June 6, 2011

Let's get to know our members - weekly (Marjorie Jordan)

Marjorie Jordan says that she want her work:” not only to illustrate the amazing creativity, life affirming beauty and complexity of Nature, but to win the viewer over to a sense of wonder for the natural order.”(Artist’s Website - Statement) Using oil, pastel, and altered photographic images she choose to show the magic in nature, giving back the miracles that we find in everyday happenings in Nature.

The growing of plants, the reflection of trees in water, a simple sea shell, a cob on the corn become food from the gods. In her latest work the human figure plays a diminished role. She uses hands to represent the abundance of nature back to nature. Where Nature gives to us, she is in a sense giving back to nature and the universe. Jordan uses her work as a tool, beautiful tool to change people’s perspective.

Her work can be find in collections nationwide. Jordan has shown her work in various galleries like the Barbara Archer Gallery and Gallery 413 in Atlanta, GA. Silvershotz(International Journal of Fine art Photography) published her work. The Atlanta Journal Constitution also published her painting titled “Pear”. 

To see more and read more go to Marjorie Jordan’s Website

(edited by Corlia)

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