Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Bookworm Artist

This is part of the WCAGA Book Discussion Group. 

Today I share “Seven Days in the Art World” with you. I started to read it a day ago and it is brimming with information on the people that makes the art world work on the highest and lowest level. It is only seven days but it took Sarah Thornton 5 years to write. It gives you a unique insiders look into 7 different milieus of the Art World. The Auction, The Crit, The Fair, The Prize, The Magazine, The Studio VIsit, The Biennale. 
Look at the Video to discover what The Writer has to say about her book.

Sarah Thornton, SEVEN DAYS IN THE ART WORLD from Art World on Vimeo.

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Goal of this blog post will be to create a useful, inspiring, and art related book list. The post will go out saying who submitted the book titles and why they find it useful or inspiring or interesting. Please try to keep all book titles related to art, art history, art Stories(fiction), Art Technique, Art Bio or auto Bio, Art Documentaries. The titles of the books will go onto a Blog Page which you can reach by clicking on a tab called the “The Bookworm Artist” at the top of the WCAGA blog. 

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