Friday, August 8, 2014

Draw 4 Days

WCAGA and Further Poly Contemporary Gallery Present 
Draw 4 Days
Place: Further Poly Contemporary Gallery at MOCA GA /Tula Art Complex
on Bennett Street
Dates: August 18 to August 23
Closing Reception: August 22, 2014 - 6 to 9pm
Artists Discussion - August 23, 2014 - 2 to 4pm
For the last three years the Women’s Caucus for Art of GA has had an ongoing Drawing Marathon Program meant to be a respite from demands of an individual’s own art process. The artists gather at one another’s studios and spend the day drawing; however they wish, whatever they want and with materials of their own choosing. The purpose: to return to a simpler process and just allow the experience to generate ideas, release oneself from restrictions of ongoing work and enjoy the company of other artists while doing so. 
Beginning August 18, WCAGA members will participate in a four day drawing marathon
at Paul Light Jr.’s Further Poly Contemporary Gallery, located on Bennett Street in the MOCA/Tula Art Complex. Further Poly Contemporary maintains a commitment to a unique and eclectic program. Working with emerging, mid-career and established artists, Further is an ever-evolving context for exhibitions,  lectures, gatherings, and informative presentations that enrich the community's relationship to the arts. 
Over the years there have been dozens of formats for Drawing Marathons. Presently, MOCA GA has a dynamic, ongoing Drawing Program, directed by Angus Galloway, that celebrates the many aspects of the drawing process.

While that is an ongoing program, WCAGA’s Draw 4 Days is meant to be a one week program that has multiple purposes. Foremost: to bring a fundamental (not necessarily simple) art process to the viewer as it unfolds. Additionally, we want this to be an education and a celebration of a process that humans have engaged in for thousands of years. Drawing has many uses. It can be a way to journal about ideas of concept, methods of construction and solutions to problems or simply the end goal. 
Our format for this Drawing Marathon: Each day, images of the work in progress will be posted on WCAGA’s Facebook page. Writers, artists and the public will be encouraged to blog and visit. Engaging the artists in dialogue is encouraged.
On August 22, WCAGA will have a closing reception to unveil the results of our Draw 4 Days journey and on Saturday the 23rd, we will have our exhibit open and the artists will be present to discuss the process, concept and reason for participation. We hope you will join us, on line and in the space.  


  1. is it possible to draw for part of the days?

    1. Lorri. Hi' Barb Rehg here. This particular venue can only hold a certain number of artists and at present I have all those spaces filled. I hope you will come by at some time during the week to visit as we work.