Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lets get to know our Members - Temme Barkin-Leeds

Sparked by events like the Darfur genocide and atrocities, Temme Barkin-Leeds uses her art to give social comment on video games where violence are the key ingredient. She believes that if you make art you should change social and cultural believes. With a degree in Art History and Studio Art she has a strong foundation to create art that speaks to the viewer on an emotional level. 
Her latest series deals with the dominance of violence in video games, specifically the first-person shooter genre. She uses image clips from games like “Medal of Honor 2010” and “Call of Duty” as a canvas on which she throws and scrapes paint, sand and blood. She includes images from real war situations, usually injured people, to bring the consequences of violence to the foreground. 
In “Farther Than The Russians Did” she contradicts war veterans in wheel chairs with soldiers holding guns. The act where blood flows is left out but the ramifications are strongly suggested.

Temme Barkin-Leeds has been shown in art exhibitions nationwide and received several awards. She represented the state of Georgia as a member on the Millennium “Gift of the Nation” committee of the Friends of Art and Preservation in Embassies in 1999. 
To see more art and read more about her philosophy please visit her website

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