Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Free Website at Georgia Made Georgia Grown Products

From Georgia's Creative Economies Initiative led by the Georgia Tourism Foundation

"Free Marketing Website for Georgia's Arts-centric Businesses

It's here -- Georgia's new Creative Economies website for marketing and promoting Georgia Made Georgia Grown Products. The website will connect buyers and sellers, corporations and corporate suppliers, locals and visitors to Georgia's creative small businesses. The listing is free to Georgia-based artisans, theaters, crafters, agritourism venues, festival planners and others looking to enhance their marketing and advertising.

In order to prepare the website for its launch and an expected 35,000 plus monthly visitors, local creators, museum & gallery owners, farmers, entertainers and destination managers must self populate the database with their business information and imagery. Simply go to and follow the instructions. Approved entries will be posted FREE for one year."

If you are interested in creating a free website, please visit Georgia Made Georgia Grown Products website and click on Register/Login.

Please note: If you wish to register your business at Georgia's Creative Economies Initiative online database, go to Georgia Made Georgia Grown Products at (Georgia Made Georgia Grown at is a for-profit entity. See posted comment for clarification.)

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  1. Clarification needs to be made on your blog post today... there are two entities using Georgia Made Georgia Grown. My company, Georgia Made Georgia Grown LLC ( is a for-profit entity.

    Georgia Made Georgia Grown PRODUCTS is the brand for the Creative Economies Initiative developed by the Tourism Foundation at the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

    2+ years ago, Georgia had no Creative Economies Initiative. The Tourism Foundation hired Georgia Made Georgia Grown LLC to advise them about creating it. During our relationship, the Manager of the TF decided to use the brand Georgia Made Georgia Grown Products.

    My consulting contract with the Foundation is over. Their programming is completely and totally separate from my company.

    When you talk about a free database & State government resources for creative businesses, it is the Georgia Made Georgia Grown Products programming.