Sunday, July 31, 2016

Artist Interview with Sara Schindel

Banquet with Lobster

1. Who are you and what do you do, and what is your background?

I was born in Atlanta but grew up in Athens, GA. I graduated from Indiana University’s John Herron School of Art. I worked as a freelance stylist for commercial photography for years while making art during the weeks when had no work.Twenty years ago I had the opportunity to have a studio.That’s when I stopped painted and declared “ if not now then when” and begin making anything that popped into my head.

2. What's integral to your art and or art career?

My process is uncontrolled and my work created spontaneously. I like a loose edge to my work but I struggle to solve the work and make it cohesive. Finding an engaging theme and considering anything as media, detritus as well as conventional media is integral to my work.

Wrestlers Whole

3. What themes do you pursue and what medium do you use?

I’m currently pursuing autobiographical work concerning events from my childhood. I’ve created parodies of Great Master’s work taking still life painting back to three dimensions. I’m continuing that work also. I’m using cut paper, paint, styrofoam, wire, polymer clay and excelsior. I’ve used glass, tar, cable wire, action figures, computer parts and a taxidermy fish among other thing.

4. What makes you angry, what makes you happy?

People who are unreliable and irresponsible are very annoying. I’ve worked on being responsible and doing what I say I’ll do so this trait is important in to me. The violence of current times makes me feel angry but also helpless.

My son is my greatest joy. Just a note or call from him makes my day. Also, I feel a lot of happiness when I’m able to solve a work problem. If a piece is difficult to create, my satisfaction at completing it makes me joyful.

5. Who and what inspire you in your work and or in your life in general?

David Gilhooly a California artist who started the Funk Art Movement. He made intense beautifully crafted assemblages and was a great inspiration to me.

Inspiring friends and family encourage and support my growth.
Still Life with Dirty Dishes

6. What superpower would you want?

I would want the eyes of an eagle so I could better see the stars.

7. What is your favorite artists and or other person?

My sister Alice Schindel is my favorite artist. Her work has an undeniable presence, whimsey, and wit.

8. What advice would you give to other artists?

Consider strategy with your career instead of luck. If you are fortunate to have financial support the world is yours. If not you will have be very focused to complete a body of work after your day job ends.

Sara Schindel   404-788-3328

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