Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Message from WCAGA Board

                                   Message from WCAGA Board

In late 2014 the WCAGA Board held some intense discussions about whether or not  to pursue the idea of obtaining our own space for meetings, programming and exhibitions.  We decided that the first step was to develop a Strategic Plan as a way to articulate and establish our common goals and to implement a process to help us reach them.  

This Strategic Plan was developed last Spring by Board members Kate Colpitts, Sally Wansboro Eppstein, Maggie Davis, Barb Rheg, Maxine Hess and WCAGA members Rita Beasley, Aviva Stern, Serey Andre and Ashley Schick.  Wendy Cardell served as our professional facilitator.  The committee met on three Sunday mornings over a six week period.

The plan is divided into four categories:  Administrative, Financial, Communication and Programs.  Within each category, short and long term goals were established.
It was our objective that this plan remain flexible.

Our guiding principles were inclusion, outreach and education.  

                                WCAGA 2015 Strategic Plan

     Executive Board
     12 - 18 months
     Define roles and responsibilities of Executive Board/Committee Chairs
     Review By-Laws and make recommendations for organizational structure
     5 Year
     Develop Membership Directory
     Hire a PT Administrator

     12-18 months
     Develop Annual Budget for calendar year
     Identify projects and grant opportunities
     5 Year
     Seek funding for PT Administrator
     Fund an Archivist
     Conduct a feasibility study for operating a chapter office and/ or program space

     Social Media
     12-18 months
     Develop a communication plan that addresses all communication opportunities
     5 Year
     Hire a PT social media person
     Put into practice a sound communication plan

     Social Activism
     Book Club
     Art Share
     Drawing Marathons
     12-18 months
     Continue to support projects/programs that originate with our members
     Create partnerships w/organizations that share our vision
     Create Art and Ideas Discussions
     5 Year
     Create an international exchange of art/ideas with women artists from different   

We invite you to join us as we work to implement this plan which we believe will ensure the continued viability and relevance of WCAGA .  If you are interested in being involved please contact me at klfrost@aol.com.

Thank you
Kate Colpitts

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