Friday, February 6, 2015

February Drawing Marathon

WCAGA FEBRUARY DRAWING MARATHON. (photos by Ruth Schowalter)
On Wednesday, Febraury 4th, eleven members of the WCAGA gathered at Callahan Pope McDonough's loft in midtown Atlanta for a five-hour "drawing marathon." 
Callahan Pope McDonough
Now in its fourth year, the drawing marathon was initiated by WCAGA board member Barbara Rehg and has become a much loved event.
Barbara Rehg in action!

Artists bring their supplies and work independently of one another. Yet there is a steady stream of warm conversation flowing around the studio, wafting here and there as concentration waxes and wanes.
Ginger Birdsey

The drawing marathoners take breaks and wander around glancing at each others work, asking questions and discussing ideas.

Karen Phillips
At some point during this February drawing marathon, Callahan invited everyone downstairs to her large dining room table for a meal of brown rice, a soup rich with vegetables, and a lovely garden salad.
Post lunch photo with Barbara Rehg, Ruth Schowalter, Ann Rowles, and Kathy Abernathy Meliopoulos (photo by Ashley Schick)

By three o'clock drawing marathon participants started departing but not before a group photo was taken! Whoops new WCAGA member Ashley Schick had already left!
WCAGA events like this drawing marathon are a wonderful way for artists to come out of isolation of their own studios and connect with others in meaningful and fun ways.

Maggie Bethel
Stay tuned for the next drawing marathon!

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