Friday, January 9, 2015

Ongoing call for art...

Thank so very much for your prompt response with such short notice in regards to 'call for art'  the one day event at the Perimeter Church.  We regret to say that the logistics and proper viewing arrangements could not be agreed upon between the church committee presenting this event, and then ultimately it became evident to us as WCAGA committee as well.  

We are  a bit disappointed but feel we have accomplished something very important out of this effort which is to begin to have a pre-organized group of Women artists/WCAGA that is available and on point for future art events. We think of it as our WCAGA Art Posse dedicated to raising awareness about Human Trafficking.

 We do in fact  have a couple of potential projects we are working on that would be a longer showing and also more focused on the art itself. We hope you will each allow us to keep your images and information digitally available. Then as the opportunities arise  we can include your art in proposals we write. 

Further, our committee has a standing 'call for art' for any other members who might want to send art works created on the theme of human trafficking/ sex trafficking.  Additional works can be sent to: Flora Rosefsky email:

Thank you again for your participation and contributing such dynamic art works.


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