Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Interview with Artist Kathy Meliopoulos

"Barking Dog"   by Kathy Meliopoulos
1. Who are you and what do you do, and what is your background?
I am an artist. I paint, draw and create art from chamois leather. I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil. My grandmother said that as a small child, I used up all the paper in her house every time I went to visit. I still draw in the air with my finger when I am away from art supplies. I have a BFA degree in painting and drawing from the University of Florida and have taken additional classes at Florida International University and GA State.
2. What's integral to your art and or art career?
Integral to my art/art career has been the challenge of balancing family life and practical needs (generating income, studio time). I am constantly seeking that balance.
3. What themes do you pursue and what medium do you use?
I pursue three parallel tracks in my work: abstract, animal and chamois leather pieces. There are places where these three intersect. I am still exploring this trinity and have discovered that they are of equal interest. One is not dominant over the other. Since I am motivated primarily by growing and exploring, I am comfortable with this direction.
"Moss and Stone" by Kathy Meliopoulos
4. What makes you angry, what makes you happy?
The big themes of injustice in life make me angry - but specifically relating to art: my frustration in the gap of my skill level and my desire to communicate and create something powerful and beautiful. Art is a reflection of life and I have a limited area of concentration. I am committed to sharing those humble skills and observations.
I am happy when everyone I love is healthy and when I have productive time in the studio.
5. Who and what inspire you in your work and or in your life in general?
My family inspires me. My husband and daughters are all smart and hard working. In general, those who are committed to their vision, disciplined and willing to take risks to achieve progress are inspirational.
6. What superpower would you want?
I wouldn't want a superpower. An ordinary life is gift enough. I wish the same for everyone: good health, clean water, shelter and a loving family. The rest is luxury.
7. Who is your favorite artists and or other person?
My favorite well-known artists right now are: Kandinsky, Degas, Frida Kahlo, Amy Sillman, Alice Neel, Diebenkorn, Wayne Thiebaud. Any artist that makes me groan with admiration, love and envy - I have too many favorites! I have to say that my VERY favorite artists are the ones who may not be famous or "successful", the ones who struggle and strive, who believe in their vision and keep plugging away.
"Map of Parallel Interests" by Kathy Meliopoulos

8. What advice would you give to other artists?
Keep trying, keep learning, keep experimenting.
9. Contact details if any?

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