Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Interview For July-- Kate Colpitts---Artist, WCAGA Vice-President 2013/14

1.Who are you and what do you do, and what is your background?
I am retired and have the luxury of time which is good because I am an artist.  I worked for many years in the education department of a fine arts museum, the Wadsworth Atheneum and have taught art to children and adults.

2.What's integral to your art and or art career? 

3.What themes do you pursue and what medium do you use.
I make art about my world, recording where I am and what I find in my environment.  Currently my work table and the view out the window beyond my work table is my subject matter.  That table is littered with the objects I find on my daily walks.  I see the entire image as indoor, outdoor landscape.

4.What makes you angry, what makes you happy?
Angry:  cruelty, greed, bigotry, poverty of body, mind or spirit, starvation, war, profit from war and oppression.  Happy: family and friends, the ocean, gardens, well grown food, a good story, wine, music, acts of kindness, birthday presents, kind people, babies, Haleakala Volcano (the most wonderful place I ever was), a fair deal, successful collaboration, the changing of seasons and other things.

5.Who and what inspire you in your work and or in your life in general?

This answer is found in #7

6.What superpower would you want?
I would like to be able to fly with complete control like a bird.

7.What is your favorite artists and or other person?
I am constantly being introduced to the work of artists that I love, historical artists as well contemporary ones.  The following well known artists have been an influence and I continue to learn from looking at their work:
Vincent van Gogh because not only do I find his work visually exciting but because his personal life was so chaotic and yet his work so highly organized and that conflict is of interest to me.
Pierre Bonnard because of the way he worked form and color….the way he put his compositions together…brilliant!
Eva Hesse for her strange, scary, beautiful, unique vision and innovative use of materials.
Jackson Pollack because he made really, really beautiful paintings and set us free.
Joseph Beuys because his work was so profound and sad.

Judy Chicago because of what she had to say.
Yoko Ono for her creative breadth and just because.
Charles Burchfield because he saw so much.
Helen Frankenthaler for her elegance.
Agnes Martin…..so beautiful, quiet, dedicated and moving.

8.What advice would you give to other artists.
I subscribe to the Andy Warhol, Chuck Close school of advise….don’t think too much…..just do the work, the work, the work.

9.Contact details if any?

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