Thursday, November 29, 2012

Let's get to know our Members--Beverly Harding

A large part of Beverly Harding's portfolio is representational paintings. Mostly figures. One can see her love for Figures and faces shines through her portraits. However she also shows her talent and imagination through painting abstract ideas and/or creating images regarding the senses.

Harding teaches a continuing educational class at Kennesaw State University and teaches adult and high school art at her studio. She is and has been part of several solo and group art exhibitions and she is a member of a number of Art Groups and Art Caucuses in Atlanta, GA. Distinctive Designs and Fine Art Gallery in Marietta shows her work.

See more of her series, the Aural Expressions, International Youth, A Class of Their Own, Figures and portraits, Landscapes and abstract work on Beverly Harding's Website.

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