Friday, January 6, 2012

Lets get to know our Members: Jessica Burke

Another of our brand new members is goal driven Jessica Burke. She has outstanding drawing and painting technique that she shares with students at the Betty Foy Sanders Art Department at Georgia Southern University. She does take portraiture to a higher level by not just giving you a copy of a photo but delivers social commentary and an opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of the illustrated or painted person. She considers a wide range of issues in her work, touching on gender, race, class and sexual orientation.  

Jessica Burke has an array of wonderful solo and group shows. The titles gives food for thought: “Popped Culture: New York” Odd Girl Out” Queer Me: Gender, Art & Politics” Vintage Vices. Music to my ear.

Her latest work examines the role television, computer games, and social media plays in the development of our identity. Looks can be deceiving but the identity that people around us perceive, is forever molded in our clothes, our make-up, and our accessories.

More art work, more information are available on her website and her blog.


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