Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lets Get to Know our members - Weekly (Chris Lewis)Don't let me fall

Chris Lewis had a successful career as a freelance Illustrator but then in the early 80’s decided to become a full-time Artist. She moved from the hard-edged glamorous world of Coca-Cola, American Express to the world of Clay... She says: “Creating sculpture was a natural outgrowth from advertising illustration. Although both professions are outlets for creative expression, illustration is inherently limited by the need to sell a product, whereas fine art allows the exploration of personal objectives.” (Artist’s website
Life, world and Nature dilemmas and dramas inspire her as an Artist. By creating art about and around these predicaments and vicious circles she comes to understand the situations better and then with her work, shares this understanding with the viewer.
Don’t Let Me Fall
Parking Lot Angel
Her “Anonymous Angels” series was inspired by Hurricane Katrina. Not only was her son in New Orleans around this time but they also had damage to their Condo. A couple of junk plastic she found among the debris became the wings of her first Angel. 
Her “Addiction” Series was fueled by her son’s struggle with his drug addiction. The Struggle to accept this addiction, to overcome it and love one another. Her addiction work was on show at the Jim Cherry Learning Resource Center Gallery in 2010.
Chris Lewis’s work can be seen at the Swan Coach House Gallery in “The Summer Swan Invitational” Show. 
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