Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Welcome to WCAGA's new blog


I'm the instigator but hope others will join me to give a broader picture of who we are and what we are trying to do. For more information check our website:

STRETCH, our WCAGA exhibit in Athens is over. I am both sad to see it go and glad for a chance to rest! As co-curator I spent much of the last year planning this show and agonizing over the concept and execution. Now it's time to step back and evaluate. Below are some of my photos of the exhibit

Ann Rowles
August 29, 2007

A view of STRETCH on display August 4-26 as part of the ATHICA 4-LEASE program in Athens, GA. Artists: (L to R, back) Rosie Thompson, Barb Rehg, Hunter Levinsohn; (middle) Helen DeRamus;(front) Virginia Tyler.

Another view of STRETCH. Artists: (L to R, back) Barb Rehg, Hunter Levinsohn, Gerry Sattele; (middle) Helen DeRamus; (front) Virginia Tyler

A third view of STRETCH. Artists: (L to R, back) Rosie Thompson. Hunter Levinsohn, Barb Rehg, (front) Mona Waterhouse.


  1. Ann
    the focus of the show's idea by the curators was a very strong plus for the show. I enjoyed the challenge and hope that you will choose to do this again. Having the chance to see work from the other artists was something I really see where someone would choose to go.... well I find that aspect vulnerable and made me realize how happy I am to get to know these artists.
    thanks for the challenge
    b. rehg

  2. I love the idea of chatting about art, etc in this informal forum. thanks ann.

    I had an unexpectedly inspiring experience yesterday. I was offered a pass to the Breather Design conference - don't worry if you haven't heard of it - this was the first year.
    I'm glad I was motivated to go due to the pass because it turned out to be very interesting and I otherwise would have missed it
    I heard artists speak about everything from public art to sustainability, and found a lot of ways to relate it to my work.
    By far the most unexpected and awesome speaker was Lars Spuybroek.
    here is a link to a webpage showing one of his odd public works. it changes colors based on the answers to a an online questionaire. He has several books published about his architecture and public art in Holland and Germany. He teaches architecture at Ga Tech.
    it was really thrilling to step into his world for a moment.
    the lesson to myself was to have a better attitude and a more open mind to opportunities. If a group of professionals are willing to get together on a theme that relates at all to you, there will likely be some new info offered.
    see you all soon,

  3. Thanks Ann for the concept and the hard work making the "Stretch" exhibit a reality. I had not only an opportunity to "stretch" with the artwork I created but to see the significant work created by the other artists.

    Having the blog is great. Look forward to the interesting discussion threads to come. Kudos!

  4. Ann
    I want you to know that I appreciate your quiet leadership of WCAGA. You gave us WCAGA and you made our 501 status possible. Now you have provided this further avenue of communication with our fellow artists. You make us all better.
    Thank you for the provocation to "stretch"; the quality of the curating created a wonderful exhibition; the opportunity to work with other artists was a treasure to me.