Friday, June 15, 2012

June Art Share

All of us that had some kind of art education are familiar with the critique session. As a BA Fine Arts student we had session on a weekly basis. It was horrifying and exhausting to me.

 The WCAGA is not like your student critiques although you can get valuable advice and input if needed. With the WCAGA Art Share, information about art, are shared with an open mind. The participants talk about each individual's work with wisdom and discernment without trying to force a direction. It is inspiring to hear people talk about their work with conviction, sensibility and pride. Important to note that if you attend these Artshare you do not have to bring any work or even give any input on happenings and art around you.

One of the issues that came up, were how the "light(artificial or natural) played an important role in viewing art. How subtleties and nuances disappeared in the wrong light. A work can get an "uhm?" from people but pick it up and move under a light and the reaction change to an "ahhh!"

Although there was some confusion as to which room we could get, the organizers at the Spruill Center for the Arts were friendly and helpful and the room we ended in was perfect for our needs.

As is the case with the WCAGA the art varies from realism to abstractions to mixed media to ink scribbles to Charcoal drawings to wax and wire sculpture.


  1. Thanks for the great write up, Corlia

  2. great write up - i'm sorry I missed it! It is a a great group of women that know so much and are so willing to keep learning